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Al Barakah Auto Spare Parts is today one of the Largest Auto Parts company in the region for Japanese Genuine Car Parts. Under the unique and successful leadership of Mr. Attaullah Azad , Al Barakah Auto Spare Parts has grown phenomenally over the last 2 decades ever since its inception in 1989. Thanks to the dedicated team work of our experienced and valuable employees.

The supreme strength of Al Barakah Auto Spare Parts is the extensive range and ready availability of the entire parts spectrum of an automobile in multiple brands and origins to choose from. Whether it is a small Bulb or the most sophisticated engine component, a tiny body clip or a huge body panel, it is readily available in the inventory. Due to the sheer volume of sourcing coupled by strong relation over the decades with our trusted suppliers, Al Barakah Auto Spare Parts can always offer a reasonable price for its customers while "Zero" tolerance on the Quality of the parts it delivers.

We believe "honesty is the best policy" even in business and "Al Barakah Auto Spare Parts" strongly advocates ethical trading. Our numerous business partners across the globe testify the same apart from the acknowledgements from countless satisfied customers throughout the region. We vouch for assertiveness, key ingredient of the sustainable growth.

Auto parts trade is largely of two kinds, wholesale and retail, the former is less complex while we consciously chose to focus on the later "Retailing" which is extremely demanding. Widespread knowledge, highly experienced workforce, strategically located outlets and extensive range of products in adequate buffer stocks are only few essentialities of retailing which is often extremely challenging.

For us an automobile is not just an A to B carrier, it is a "Life Carrier". Any component we supply truly holds on to our commitment towards the safety of automobile users. Al Barakah Auto Spare Parts is Where Quality, Availability and Affordability converge.